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A Few Highlights


The BBC Electric Proms serve up a few great performances…

I didn’t pay much attention last year when the BBC launched the Electric Proms but this year I seem to have been a bit more aware of them. Perhaps this is due to increased advertising, a more substantial list of bands, or maybe even the simple fact that I’ve been watching too much television recently. Whatever the reasons, I tuned in to watch the Saturday night highlights of Bloc Party’s performance at the Roundhouse. Having enjoyed this thoroughly, I headed onto the Internet in search of more footage, only to be treated with a whole stack of performances to watch.

‘Other commitments’, as one might say, have prevented me from watching all of the concerts that I’d like to but I’ve still had enough time to sample a good chunk of them. I had hoped to post a few Youtube videos of my favourite performances but after my last search, it seemed the folks that post these kind of things on the Internet haven’t got round to it yet. Oh well, I suppose if any surface over the next week or so, I’ll be able to post them on here for your viewing pleasure.

The main acts of each night – or at least the majority of them – tend to do something ‘different’ with their music. Generally, this means the band performing with someone/something you would not usually associate them with. In the case of Bloc Party, this was a full choir of singers. The songs, it must be said, were hardly unrecognizable. For the most part, the choir just blasted out the backing vocals at ten times their usual power, resulting in the songs sounding a lot more ‘epic’ than on record. My favourite two songs that they played were SRXT, the final song of ‘A Weekend In The City’ that I’ve only recently learned to appreciate, and – strangely – the first track of the same album, Song for Clay (Disappear Here). In my opinion, these were the two that benefited most from the new arrangement.

Bloc Party, though, were certainly not the only band that played and I could write reams on the other performances I watched. You will be pleased to know, though, that this is not what I intend to do. Instead, I will simply direct you to the BBC’s website where you can watch a whole host of these concerts. Be quick, though, as the video footage is only on-line for a short while after the performance, with some of the more minor bands having their gigs taken offline tomorrow.

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