Dull, Indeed

I’m not one for absolutely hating bands. I usually accept that they’re just not to my taste and let them be but even I have my limits. The Twang, Hard-Fi and the Enemy are three examples of the bands that just push me too far. They’re an insult to the good word ‘music‘. I try my very best to avoid all contact with them and their music but sometimes it’s just forced upon us. So, what has provoked me to start moaning about them here? This. That’s what.


Tom Clarke, the Enemy’s chief wailer, took it upon himself to slag off the Arctic Monkeys in a recent radio interview. Now, although I might be a little bit disappointed to hear it, I wouldn’t normally have a big problem with people expressing their dislike for the Arctic Monkeys. True, they are one of my favourite bands but I can’t expect everyone to like them as much as I do. But when it’s a man who made some of the last year’s worst music, I wholeheartedly object. Mr. Clarke commented, as you can read in the corresponding article, that the Arctic Monkeys’ second album, ‘Favourite Worst Nightmare’, was “dull“. How does he justify this opinion? Well, he says “Certain aspects of their music on the second album and certain aspects of their personas in the press are just dull“. Point made, I think.

The truth is, this is just jealousy. We’ll see who wins all the awards, then, shall we? I think I know which band has the most left in them.


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