There is absolutely no reason on earth why I should want to write my higher-education woes but I’ll do it anyway.

As mentioned yesterday, I had an interview at UCL today. Despite everything arguing to the contrary, I believe that when you come out of the interview, you have a gut feeling of how it went and whether you’re likely to get an offer. Unfortunately, I get the impression the news is not going to be good for me. It’s not that anything went horribly wrong either; it’s more that I just don’t think I was terribly impressive. The thing that’s bugging me the most, though, is a couple of really stupid grammatical mistakes I made (when speaking French – I don’t get that wound up about the accuracy of my English grammar!). The second you’ve said them there’s no going back. It’s not even worth correcting yourself – that only serves to draw attention to something the interviewer may not have already noticed.

Anyhow, I now await my rejection letter and only hope that Edinburgh look upon me a bit more kindly.

Elsewhere, in my humble life:

Whilst on the train coming home today, I spent a good few hours just thinking things over. Perhaps not the most sensible thing for me to be doing, as the type of thinking involved usually only leads to inflated expectations and great disappointment, but I did it all the same. Anyway, in a perfect world I’d say that having this kind of mini-epiphany will prompt me into changing several things about my life, and start a whole heap of others. The root of it is that I just don’t think I’m being all that productive. My friends and I have often had the conversation regarding not devoting too much time to our work. This is because, as I’ve witnessed on a few instances, if that falls through, there’s nothing left. Obviously, this is nothing revolutionary but I’m trying to keep it in mind at the moment.

I’m no study-freak. In fact, I’m positively lazy when it comes to working. I’m quite happy to lie down on my bed and read a book – or even better, listen to some music – but I find it difficult to even spend an hour doing some solid work. So, the case is not that I’ve been devoting to much time to my studies; it’s that I haven’t spent enough time developing things outside of college. Listening to music, reading a book and socialising with friends is all very well but I’m sure it must be possible to put my time to better use and get something out of it. The unfortunate thing is that I’ve just not quite decided what it is yet.

Thankfully – for myself, at least – I’m quite certain that whatever it is will not prevent me from rambling into the abyss as I so frequently do.

Meanwhile, here’s a picture I found today that I thought was quite good.


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