The Truth Is, Baby, It’s A Lie


The Hives @ Manchester Apollo – 24/11/07

This was a very last minute purchase (less than two weeks before the concert) but I am so, so glad that my friend asked me if I wanted to go and see the Hives at the Apollo on Saturday. I had only really had a passing interest in the Hives but after I bought the tickets and decided to get to know some of their songs, I became completely hooked. After Saturday’s incredible concert I doubt they’ll be slipping from my memory any time soon. They’ve got me good.

Anyway, onto the concert itself, which is what I came on here to talk about. The Hives put on what was possibly one of the most energetic and physically exhausting concerts I’ve ever been to. The atmosphere in that relatively small venue was incredible, especially as I spent most of the concert right at the front, mere metres away from the band themselves. The whole audience seemed to know the words to every single song, turning the gig into more of a mass sing along. Not forgetting, of course, that Pelle Almqvist is an incredible front-man, despite the nonsense that he spouts in between songs; everything he does keeps the crowd entertained from start to finish. The fact that I only knew a few of the songs didn’t make an ounce of difference – that magnificent atmosphere took me along and made me feel like I’d known the songs for years.

Another bonus was that this wasn’t a set that took a little while to get started; the opening track, Bigger Hole to Fill, is probably one of the highlights of the whole concert. Other high-points included the recent single Tick Tick Boom, as well as the second track off their new album, Try it Again. Of the older songs that I knew, Supply and Demand was a particularly energetic one but I have to say that my favourite moment of the entire concert was when the entire audience sang and moved as one for Walk Idiot Walk, which must surely be my most listened to track of the last week.

Anyway, if you haven’t gathered from that short summary that the Hives were one of the greatest live experiences I’ve ever had, I don’t know what else I can say. I can’t thank my friend enough for dragging me along with him and am already 100% sure that the next time I get the opportunity to see the Hives live, I’ll be right down there at the front again, having the time of my life.

I have a few gigs coming up over the following few weeks and they’re going to have to work hard to live up this precedent. The first of the three is Kaiser Chiefs tomorrow evening, followed shortly by Arctic Monkeys on Tuesday 11th December and Bloc Party on Thursday 13th. Arctic Monkeys and Bloc Party are two that I’m really, really looking forward to but as I’ve seen the Kaiser Chiefs before, and bought tickets for this one mainly to keep my friend company, I’m not sure how I’ll find it.

I’ll try my best not to leave it another 8 days before posting on here again.


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